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Wings Of Fire Pdf in English




Pdf Book Name  Wings Of Fire Pdf
Author Name APJ Abdul Kalam
Language English
Category Book
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Wings of Fire Book pdf free Download in English
Wings of Fire Book pdf free Download in English




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Wings Of Fire Pdf




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Wing of Fire India’s former President and Great Scientist Dr. A.p.j Abdul is the autobiography of Kalam. Wings of Fire’s co-operative is Arun Tiwari.




Dr. Nakalam was born in 1931 in Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram. Dr. Nakaram was born in a middle-class family.




Their initial life has passed extremely conflict. He completed his education while passing through extreme difficulties and took the reins of Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and then Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).




He did much successful research. He made notable work in Rocket Science and Space Technology. Wings of Fire puts light on important events in Dr. Kalam’s life.




About The Book




Once I settled down at the Schwartz High School, Ramanathapuram, the enthusiastic fifteen-year-old within me re-emerged.




My teacher, Iyadurai Solomon, was an ideal guide for an eager young mind that was yet uncertain of the possibilities and alternatives that lay before it.




He made his students feel very comfortable in class with his warm and open-minded attitude. He used to say that a good student could learn more from a bad teacher than a poor student from even a skilled teacher.



During my stay at Ramanathapuram, my relationship with him grew beyond that of teacher and pupil. In his company, I learned that one could exercise enormous influence over the events of one’s own life. IyaduraiSolomon used to say, “To succeed in life and achieve results, you must understand and master three mighty forces— desire, belief, and expectations.” Iyadurai Solomon, who later became a Reverend, taught me that before anything I wanted could happen, I had to desire it intensely and be absolutely certain it would happen. To take an example from my own life, I had been fascinated by the mysteries of the sky and the flight of birds from early childhood.





I used to watch cranes and seagulls soar into flight and longed to fly. Simple, provincial boy though I was, I was convinced that one day I, too, would soar up into the skies. Indeed, I was the first child from Rameswaram to fly. Lyadurai Solomon was a great teacher because he instilled in all the children a sense of their own worth. Solomon raised my self-esteem to




A high point convinced me, parents’ sons who were not fond of education, that I can also keep whatever wish. “With faith, you can change your destiny,” he will say. One day, when I was in the fourth form, my math teacher Ramkrishna Iyer was reading another class.




Unknowingly, I wandered into the classroom and the old fashion disappointing way, Ramkrishna Aiyar caught me by the neck and made me in front of the Dahlock class.




After several months, when I made full points in mathematics, then he told the incident in the entire school in the morning assembly. “Whatever the sugarcane became a great person! Take my word, this boy is coming to bring glory to his school and his teachers.”





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