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Wings of Fire Pdf in Telugu free download




Pdf Book Name Wings of Fire Pdf in Telugu Free Download
Author Name  APJ Abdul Kalam
Language Telugu
Category Book
Pdf Size 8 Mb
Total Page 94 Pages
Format Pdf




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wings of fire pdf download in Tamil




Best No 1 Wings Of Fire Pdf In Telugu Free Download
APJ Abdul kalam wings of fire in Telugu pdf Download




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Wings Of Fire Pdf Free Download in English









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About The Book




After the Gulf War concluded with the victory of the technologically superior Allied Forces, over 500 scientists of DRDL and RCI gathered to discuss issues that had emerged.
I posted a question before the assembly: was technology or weapon symmetry with other nations feasible, and if so, should it be attempted?
The discussion led to many more serious questions, such as, how to establish effective electronic warfare support?
How to make missile development proceed apace with the development of equally necessary systems like the LCA; and what were the key areas where a push would bring progress?
At the end of a lively discussion spread over three hours, the consensus emerged that there was no way to redress asymmetry in military capability except to have the same capability in specific areas as your potential opponent.
The scientists vowed to achieve a reduced CEP in the accuracy of Prithvi’s delivery, perfecting the Ka-band guidance system for Trishuland realizing all carbon-carbon re-entry control surfaces for Agni by the end of the year.
The vow was later fulfilled. The year also saw tube-launched Nag flights, and the maneuver of Trishul at seven meters above sea level, at speeds that exceeded three times the speed of sound.
The latter was a breakthrough in the development of an indigenous ship-launched anti-sea-skimmer missile. The same year, I received an honorary degree of Doctor of Science from the IIT, Bombay.
In the citation read by Prof. B Nag on the occasion, I was described as “an inspiration behind the creation of a solid technological base from which India’s future aerospace programs can be launched to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century”.Well, perhaps Prof.
Nag was only being polite, but I do believe that India will enter the next century with its own satellite in geo-stationary orbit36,000 km away in space, positioned by its own launch vehicle. India will also become a missile power.
Ours is a country with tremendous vitality. Even though the world may not see its full potential or feel its full power, no one dare ignore it anymore.
On 15 October, I turned sixty. I looked forward to retirement and planned to open a school for the less privileged children.
My friend, Prof.P Rama Rao, who was heading the Department of Science and technology in the Government of India, even struck up a partnership with me to establish what he called the Rao-Kalam school.
We were unanimous in our opinion that carrying out certain missions and reaching certain milestones, however important they may be or however impressive they might appear to be, is not all there is to life.
But we had to postpone our plan as neither of us was relieved from our post by theGovernment of India. It was during this period that I decided to put down my memoirs and express my observations and opinions on certain issues.
The biggest problem Indian youth faced, I felt, was a lack of clarity of vision, a lack of direction. It was then that I decided to write about the circumstances and people who made me what I am today; the idea was not merely to pay tribute to some individuals or highlight certain aspects of my life.
What I wanted to say was that no one, however poor, underprivileged, or small, need feel disheartened about life. Problems area part of life. Suffering is the essence of success.
As someone said: God has not promised skies always blue, Flower-strewn pathways all our lives through; God has not promised sun without rain, Joy without sorrow, Peace without pain.
I will not be presumptuous enough to say that my life can be a role model for anybody; but some poor child living in an obscure place, in an underprivileged social setting may find a little solace in the way my destiny has been shaped.
It could perhaps help such children liberate themselves from the bondage of their illusory backwardness and hopelessness.

Irrespective of where they are right now, they should be aware that God is with them, and when He is with them, who can be against them? But God has promised strength for the day, Rest for the labor light for the way.



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