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Ramayan in English Pdf Gita Press Free Download





“Obeisance to you, O Tulasidasa ! Please come here, O saint of holy vows. Taking your seat in the southwest, accept this adoration. Obeisance to Tulasidasa.”




“Obeisance to you, O Vålmiki ! Pray, come here, O bestower of blessings! Take your seat in the northeast and accept my homage. Obeisance to Valmiki.”




“Obeisance to You, O Spouse of Gauri (Parvati)! Pray, come here, O mighty Lord. Kindly take Your seat in the southeast and accept my homage. Obeisance to the spouse of Gauri.”




“Obeisance to you, O Lakshmana; please come here with your beloved consort (Urmila). Kindly occupy the southern quarter of the altar, and accept my homage. Obeisance to Lakshmana with his consort.”

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“Obeisance to you, O Satrughna ! Please come here with your beloved consort (Srutakirti). Seating yourself in the western quarter of this altar pray to accept my homage. Obeisance to Satrughna with his consort.”
” Obeisance to you, O Bharata! Pray, come here with your beloved consort(Mandavi), Please sit down in the northern quarter of the altar and accept my homage. Obeisance to Bharata and his wife.”


“Obeisance to you, O Hanuman! Pray, come here, O mine of compassion. Please occupy the eastern quarter and accept my homage, O Lord! Obeisance to Hanuman.”




The principal deity (Shri Rama accompanied by His Consort, Sita) should then be worshipped with due ceremony. Taking flowers in the hollow of his or her palms the reader should meditate on the Supreme Deity (Shri Rama) in the light of the following verse:-
I ever adore Shri Rama, whose charming eyes resemble the petals of a red lotus, who is clad in yellow raiments and has a dark-brown form endowed with a pair of arms, who wears a cheerful countenance, is accompanied by Shri Sita, and is an ocean of nectar in the form of mercy, who is waited upon even by Vishnu, Shiva and others and is meditated upon along with His three brothers and other favorite attendants (Hanuman and others) and who grants the desire of His devotees.
Please come, O Lord of Janaka’s Daughter, along with Sita, and accept my homage with Hanuman (son of the wind-god) and others, O Scion of Raghu.
“Occupy, O Rama, this bejeweled seat of gold, offered by me, and spread over with an exquisite covering. The Deity should then be worshipped with the sixteenfold equipage prescribed in the scriptures.
“In this story of Shri Rama, known by the name of “Manasa- Ramayan, “Lord Shiva, the sages Kakbhusundi and Yajnavalkya and Goswami Tulsidas are the seers; Shri Rama united with His Consort, Sita is the deity; the name ‘ Rama ‘ is the seed; Devotionwhich cures the disease of transmigration is the Shakti (motive force or energy), and the object of this reading is to ward off all evils and accomplish all oneís desires through the propitiation of Sita and Rama.

Then water should be sipped thrice with the recitation of the following Mantras one after another श्रीसीतारामाभ्यां नमः; श्रीरामचन्द्राय नमः and श्रीरामभद्राय नमः. APranayam should also be performed with the recitation of the Bija-Mantra sacred to Sita And Rama.


Karanyasa consists in invoking and installing typical Mantras on the various fingers, palms, and back of the hands. In Karanyåsa as well as in A∆ganyåsa the mantras are treated as possessing a living form and it is these personified forms of the mantras that they touched and greeted by citing the names of the particular limbs.





Through this process, the reciter himself is identified with the Mantra and brought under the full protection of the Mantra-god. He is purified both externally and internally and is infused with divine energy. His spiritual practice runs a smooth course till the very end and proves beneficial to him.




Valmiki Ramayan in English Pdf Free Download





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Ramayan in English Pdf Gita Press Download
Ramayan in English Pdf Gita Press Download




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