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Durga Saptashati Pdf in English Download




Pdf Book NameDurga Saptashati Pdf in English
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Durga Saptashati Pdf in English
Durga Saptashati Book in English Pdf Free Download




Durga Saptashati Pdf in English
दुर्गा स्तुति पीडीऍफ़ डाउनलोड यहां से करे।



Durga Saptashati Pdf in English
दुर्गा सप्तशती PDF Download




Durga Saptashati Pdf in English
Devi Mahatmyam Gita press Tamil Pdf




Durga Saptashati Pdf English







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Sanskrit Verse 1 Transliteration



Gnaninamapi chetamsi devi bhagawatee sadaa

Baladaa krushya mohaya mahamayaa prayachchathi ||1|



English Translation



Most Blessed Goddess, You Can Seize The Minds Of Even The Wise And Draw Them Into The Great Illusion.



Sanskrit Verse 2 Transliteration



Durgesmrita harasi mathi mashesha jantho

Swasthai smrita mathi matheeva shubhaam dadasi,

Daridrya dukha bhaya harini kathwadanya

Sarvopakara karanaya sadarthra chittha ||2||



English Translation



Yet When Called To Mind In A Difficult Pass, You Remove Fear For Anyone, And When Called To Mind By Those In Happiness, You Bestow A Mind Still Further Pious. Who Else But You, O Dispeller Of Poverty, Pain, And Fear, Has An Ever Sympathetic Heart For Helping Everyone?



Durga Saptashati Prathamodhyaya CHAPTER 1




The period ruled over by one Manu is called a Manvantara. There are, therefore, fourteen Manus as follows: Svayambhuva, Svarocisa, Uttama, Tamasa, Raivata, Caksusa, Vaivasvata, Savarni, Daksha-Savarni, Brahma-Savarni, Dharma-Savarni, Rudra-Savarni, Deva-Savarni, and Indra-Savarni. } By the grace of Mahamaya {One of the names of the Divine Mother.}.4-5.





In former times there was a king named Suratha, born of the Chitra dynasty, ruling over the whole world in the period of Svarocisa.





He protected his subjects duly like his own children. At that time the kings, who were the destroyers of the c, became his enemies.6-7.




He, the wielder of powerful weapons, fought a battle with the destroyers of Kolas but was defeated by them though they were a small force.





Then he returned to his own city and ruled over his won country. Then that illustrious king was attacked by those powerful enemies.8-9.




Even in his own city, the king, (now) bereft of strength, was robbed of his treasury and army by his own powerful, vicious, and evil-disposed ministers.




Thereafter, deprived of this sovereignty, the king was left alone on horseback in a dense forest, under the pretext of hunting.10-11.




He saw there the hermitage of Medhas-the supreme among the twice-born –inhabited by wild animals which were peaceful, and graced by the disciples of the sage. Entertained by the sage, Suratha spent some time moving about in the hermitage of the great sage.12-16.





There then overcome with attachment, he fell into the thought, ‘I do not know whether the capital (which was) well guarded by my ancestors and recently deserted by me is being guarded righteously or not by my servants of evil conduct.




I do not know what enjoyments my chief elephant, heroic and always elated, and now fallen into the hands of my foes, will get.





Those who were my constant followers and received favor, riches, and food from me, now certainly pay homage to other kings. The treasure which I gathered with great care will be squandered by those constant spendthrifts, who are addicted to improper expenditures.’17-19.





The king was continually thinking of these and other things. Near the hermitage of the Brahamana he saw a merchant, and asked him: ‘Ho! Who are you? What is the reason for your coming here? Wherefore do you appear as if afflicted with grief and depressed in mind?’





Hearing this speech of the king, uttered in a friendly spirit, the merchant bowed respectfully and replied to the king. The merchant said:20-25. ‘I am a merchant named Samadhi, born in a wealthy family. I have been cast out by my sons and wife, who are wicked through the greed of wealth. My wife and sons have misappropriated my riches and made me devoid of wealth.





Cast out by my trusted kinsmen, I have come to the forest grief-stricken. Dwelling here, I do not know anything as regards good or bad of my sons, kinsmen, and wife. At present is welfare or ill luck theirs at home? How are they? Are my sons living good or evil lives?’ The king said:26-28.




‘Why is your mind affectionately attached to those covetous folk, your sons, wife, and others, who have deprived you of your wealth?’ The merchant said:29-34. ‘This very thought has occurred to me, just as you have uttered it.





What can I do? My mind does not become hard; it bears deep affection to those very persons who have driven me out in their greed for wealth, abandoning love for a father and attachment to one’s master and kinsmen. I do not comprehend although, I know it. O noble-hearted king, how it is that the mind is prone to love even towards worthless kinsmen. On account of them, I heave heavy sighs and feel dejected. What can I do since my mind does not become hard towards those unloving ones?




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