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Chandogya Upanishad Pdf in English Download




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Chandogya Upanishad Pdf in English
Chandogya Upanishad in English Pdf Download



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About The Book



If it is absolutely impossible to discover it in objects, no person will go towards any object of sense.



The reason is that the presence of this Bhuma is felt in every object, in some mysterious manner.



Existence as such of the object, as they say, is the reason behind the discovery of happiness in the objects which are nothing but names and forms ultimately.



There is something in the objects which is capable of indicating that behind them is this reservoir of happiness.




The indication is due to their creating a situation of apparent completeness when they come in contact with the mind of the subject.



Wherever there is a sensation of completeness, there is happiness. This completeness may be artificially brought about.




And then, there may be an apparently conceived totality, not a real one, or there may be a true one. Whatever it be, even a mere semblance of the experience of this completeness becomes the source of the experience of happiness.




The union, in whatever manner that be, between the seeking subject and object sought creates in the mind that is perceiving, cognizing, and searching, a sensation of having achieved its purpose.




And this sensation, attended with a thought of consciousness of having achieved one’s purpose, brings about a stimulation within, which is characterized by a feeling of completeness.



A sensation of completeness, a feeling that something asked for has been obtained, is introduced into the mind.



This feeling is capable of lasting only for a fraction of a moment because the mind cannot be satisfied with the idea that its purpose has been fulfilled, merely because of contact with the object.




It is induced into a false state of feeling, that the purpose has been served.




And this state is momentary. The mind realizes that a mistake has been committed unconsciously, and it withdraws itself from this contact, hibernates itself into its own cocoon, searches for another source of happiness, and finds itself in a state of misery all in one moment.




So every experience of happiness in this world is passing, fleeting, transient, and momentary, of the character of a moment. It cannot last for five minutes.




No one has experienced happiness for five minutes continuously because of the fact that there is anxiety within and these anxieties are brought about by certain suspicions arising in the mind, together with the experience of this contact itself with the object.




The suspicions are brought about by the recognition that the contact is not an actual union because the real union of the subject with the object is different from mere contact, be it physical or even psychological.




There is a flaw in every type of union. Every coming together ends in a separation, whatever that be, either in this world or in the other world.




This is the reason why there is only apparent happiness in this world, in our coming in contact with things of the world. Even this apparent, momentary happiness is due to an awareness of the presence of this Bhuma in a flash of a moment of experience. It is the completeness of being that is the source of happiness.




But where is this completeness of Being? It is not in the objects of sense, not in the union of one and two, or in the union of many.




A social union is no union at all. They are coming together in a physical, psychological, or social sense, no doubt, but they are not a real union. Union is a real blend into a single Being.




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