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Bhavishya Puran Pdf in English Download




Pdf Book Name Bhavishya Puran Pdf in English
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Bhavishya Puran Pdf in English Free Download
Bhavishya Puran in English Pdf Download




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About The Book




Soot jee said:-” In Shaalivahana dynasty there were ten kings and ruled for 500 years. Then they went to Swarg. During their rule, the administration was weak and therefore law and order also got weak.




Forking Bhoj, the law and order were for namesake. Having seen the administration, law, and order broken in pieces, he went for Digvijay (conquer the earth).




In his army, there were ten thousand army men, with them Kalidasa was also been present. He also kept other Brahmins with him and then went near the Sindhu River.





After reaching there, he defeated Mlecchas residing in the Gandhara region and Naravaas of Kashmir. Having defeated them he took a huge treasury as punishment.





Then he started his journey of conquest and reached near a place where a man named Mahaamada(Mohammad) dwells in that place, who is residing there as a teacher, teaching his student.




King Bhoj also in that place which is named “Marusthalaa “(Desert) started worshipping Lord Shiva with Panchagavya, the water of river Ganges, and Chandan, etc. and started reciting prayers to please him:-“Namaste Girijanaath Marusthalnivasine.





Tripuraasur naashaye bahumayaa pravartine. Mlecchayi r guptaye shudhaaye sacchidaanandan rupine .Tvam maam hi kinkara briddhi sharanarth samupa aagataam”Bhoj Raaj said: -“The Girija Pati who is residing in this desert, I praise him. He who creates the endless illusion (Maya), destroyed Tripuraasur, and is protected from Mlecchas, being so pure and represent the pure form of Sacchidaanandan.” “I am your servant, hence I am under your recourse.”Iti srutva stavyam deva shabda maaha nripay tama.





Gantavyaam vojrajena mahakaaleshwaar sthaale. Mlecchayi SA su dushita bhumi r vahikaa naam bishruta. Aryadharmo hi nayivatra vahike desh daarune.





Bavuvatra mahaa maayi yo Asau dagdho mayaa pura. Tripuro Bali dayityena preshita punaaragatah .Ayoinah SA Varo mattah praptvaan dayitya vardhanah. Mahaamada Iti khyatah payishaach kriti tatparah.




Naagantavyam tavyayaa vupaa paishacha desha dhurtaakey. Matprasaadena vupala tava shuddhi prajaayate.”





Sootjee said:-” By hearing the reciting prayer, Shiv jee said:-” Bhoj Raaj! Please go to Vahika named the land of Mahakaaleshwaar, this place is being corrupted with sins by Mlecchas.





At the very end of the land Vahikaa, the Arya Dharmagot was destroyed. There, with the order of Bali dayitya, the great illusionist Tripuraasur got rebirth, whom I have been destroyed, turned into ashes.





His inner reality is, he got his rebirth to flourish his greatness and spread the dynasty of Daityas. His name is ‘ Mahaamada ‘, he is always fond of doing Pisachalike works.




ThereforeRajan, please don stay in this place of Paishacha (land of Pathans), by my grace you will be pure.”Iti srutva nripa-sh-chaiva sva deshaan punaraagamat.




Mahamaadascha tayi sardhaam sindhutira samupaa yaayu.Uvacha vupatim premna mayamaad vishaarada. Tavadevo Mahaaraj mama dasatva ma Agatah.




Mama UcchitaamSAvunji yaddyatha tat pashya VOnripa .Iti srutva tatha drishtava param vishmayamaagatah. Mleccha dharme matischaa sittasya vupasya darune.”Sootjee said:-” By hearing this, the king began his journey for his own country.




Accordingly, Mahaamada with his students reached the Coast of the Sindhu River. The well-skilled illusion master, being very gentle, said to the king:-“Maharaj! Your deity (Lord Shiva) is my slave! Hey king! See your deity is eating pickings and remnants(waste matter, remains of a meal)of mine.” By seeing this, the king got deluded into the matter and got very surprised. He then started in thinking of converting himself into that horrific Mleccha Dharma.”



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